No. 1 Stock Market Trainer in Pune & Mumbai - Ravindra Bharti

About Prof. Ravindra Bharti

Bharti sir founded Bharti Share Market in 2008 with aim to become no 1 stock market trainer in India. The company today employs over 250+ people and is based in the Marvel Fuego, Magarpatta, Pune. Over 1.7 lakh students have benefited from the institute’s expertise in the stock and trading markets. Bharti Share Market has over 350+ franchises across India, intending to educate over ten crore Indians about the stock market. Bharti sir now manages 750+ crores of equity as a fund manager. His mission has been to teach Indians about the stock market.

He appears on Marathi, Hindi, and Gujarati news stations on a daily basis to teach the public about the trading industry. He was also appointed to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) training panel as a guest speaker. Bharti Foundation is another essential part of Bharti Sir’s life. From modest beginnings to becoming a big force in the stock market and no 1 stock market trainer in Maharashtra, Bharti sir has accomplished it all. Everyone can attain relative success in the stock market, and Bharti Share Market is here to help you do just that.

Our Vision

To provide financial literacy to every individual in India through our brand within five years by setting up branches and franchises at different locations.

Our Mission

To ensure 100% proper utilization of dead assets through financial literacy with strategic use of financial planning and asset allocation, we are committed to establishing India as a lead.

Success Story And Achievements Of Bharti Share Market

The highly qualified faculty at Bharti Share Market has over a decade of expertise in the financial markets. Through seminars, classroom and online programmes, we have educated over 170,000 people. From a single room in 2008, it has expanded to an international office at Dubai, also intended to open offices at Singapore, USA and Maldives in the coming two years. Through its branches and franchise routes, the firm intends to grow its reach across the globe over the next five years.

Tips to Become A Better Trainer |

Due to his success becoming no 1 stock market trainer in India, here are a few tips from Bharti sir about becoming a better teacher :

  • Trainers can foster an intellectual atmosphere in their classroom by setting high, but not unattainable, standards for their pupils. They should encourage pupils to attain greater standards, and they will eventually get there—while lavishing praise along the way.

  • Every year, new ideas and studies that can improve your day-to-day teaching become accessible. Maintaining current knowledge through internet forums, workshops, and professional magazines may help one become a better educator. This will result in enhanced student engagement and achievement.

  • When you change up your teaching approaches, you give your students a better chance of learning. Each pupil has unique talents and shortcomings. Rather of relying on a single approach that only appeals to one learning style, diversifying your teaching strategies allows you to tailor your courses to multiple learning styles. Students will perform better if they are not bored.

  • Active engagement in class is essential. A trainer should urge pupils to speak out more frequently and make the present session more engaging. This allows you to better comprehend the student's thought process, which you may improve by adding additional values to it.

  • To keep the students' attention, you should be very explicit about the issue. Discipline is not just required for teaching; how the mentor explains issues to pupils is also vital.

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